Port of my ECG Simulator from Ruby to Scala

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This is my simulator for Eternal Card Game which is built using sbt.


For the Mac, using brew:

brew install sbt
sbt compile


The simulator’s runner can accept a number of time to execute the simulator. For example, running the simulator 10 times:

sbt "run 10"

Sample output from a single run, which is a bit cryptic in some spaces, but the intent is to show an ASCII board state.

PlayerTwo wins! true
Cards in deck: 58, Power: 9/9, Player health: 5
Cards in hand: Refresh(2), Praxis Displacer(4),
Board: Timekeeper(0/0), Bold Adventurer(2/3), Dormant Sentinel(0/0), Timekeeper(0/0), Towering Terrazon(6/5), Initiate of the Sands(1/1),
Board: Scavenging Vulture(1/1), Scavenging Vulture(1/1), Dark Wisp(1/1), Sporefolk(1/2), Xenan Destroyer(3/3),
Cards in hand: Spirit Drain(6), Vara's Favor(2), Dark Return(1),
Cards in deck: 58, Power: 9/9, Player health: 0


Use sbt test to execute the test suite.

I originally wrote this using Ruby, but decided to plunk around with Scala, so this is the rewrite. It is currently unfinished, but gives anyone interested a starting point.